Protein Structure Center at USC

The Siemer lab is only one of many groups at USC doing structural biology. Right next door on the first floor of the ZNI there are two more labs that use magnetic resonance methods to study protein structures and protein misfolding:

The group of Tobias Ulmer investigates the structural basis of transmembrane signaling and the mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding using primarily liquid-state NMR. The group of Ralf Langen is studying proteins that interact with lipid membranes and modulate membrane curvature. Another focus of the Langen lab is protein misfolding and the structure of amyloid proteins. Besides many other techniques, the Langen lab uses EPR spectroscopy as its primary method. These three groups are joined in the Protein Structure Center at the ZNI and form a highly collaborative environment sharing ideas, methods, and equipment.

Beyond that there are many other groups doing structural biology at USC using X-ray crystallography, computational methods, protein design, and other biophysical and biochemical methods to study the structure-function relationship of proteins, DNA, and lipid membranes. Many of these groups take PhD students from the PIBBS program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences.

Therefore, if you are interested in doing a PhD at USC with a structural biological focus the PIBBS program is a good choice. Please send an email to if you have any questions.